Works well not only with the dogs that need training, also the human parents that need training!

Leigh Ann Ortega

Words cannot describe how happy our dog has been since his training with Melissa and Jackie... he is such a good boy now thank you so much.

Lynne Daines

Thank you for taking my dog training skills to the next level... GEORGE says thanks also... you guys are the best!!!! - John, George, and Prometheus

John Bass

Melissa is an awesome trainer. Did board and train with an out of control corgi puppy. She's much easier to control now and still zooms to her cot when we say “place”. We also did weekly sessions with our other dog. She's gotten so much better in crowds and around other people. She still wants to say “Hi” to everyone, but is much, much better about following our commands. The work now is on my wife and I to keep following through with what we've been taught to do, to keep these fur-babies in line. Thanks Melissa and Amy.

Pat Moshure

We have a little cocker spaniel that due to over excitement was out of control.

Dogs by Melissa was recommended to us. We met with Melissa to discuss different programs and decided on the 3 week board and train. It was probably the best money I ever spent. I now have a young cocker who has manners, structure and is very disciplined.

Working with Melissa was a great experience, she is very professional and keeps you informed each and every day on your dogs progress.

If you are looking for a dog with manners, structure and discipline, I highly highly recommend contacting DOGS BY MELISSA

Dawn Holmberg

She was an amazing dog trainer for my old dog that was a big dog and now she’s training with one of my smaller dogs she really cares about a family she work with and she can work with any type of dog

Edenia Cruz

Melissa and Jackie guided me in 10 easy lessons to achieve a well behave companion. Piper has learned so much and so did I. You two ladies are amazing!

Diana Wrisley Black

Melissa, Jackie and I are just getting started with my Klyde. He is a lovable Border Collie but it a bit spoiled with bad manners to his sister Bonnie! Just after a few training sessions I am seeing wonderful changes. I am on a short break for health reasons but can’t wait to get started again. Such amazing trainers who are down to Earth and extremely knowledgeable. They want to make you do your “homework” because you can’t help but see the amazing possibilities!! Thank You!!

Elizabeth Barrickman Sturges

Penny just completed her training this past week. Melissa and Jacquye were wonderful with her, and patient with us! We loved Penny to begin with, but we love her more now!

Cheryl Napier

If you are looking for a dog trainer that really cares about your dog and you, Melissa is your person. She is amazing and ALWAYS answers a text promptly if you need advice or have a question.

Diana DeMarco Uebelacker

Thanks so much Melissa and Jackuye! Indy just graduated last week and we had him at an event at a marina all weekend. He was so good with all the people (and other dogs) around and several people told us he was the most well-behaved dog they've ever seen. So happy that we did the training.

Kate Carney

We had the luxury of observing Melissa train dogs before deciding that she was the one. She exhibited confidence, patience, humor, knowledge in her approach and her students reacted with eagerness. On 8/13/18 our BART started his 3 week “boot camp” with Melissa. We missed our little guy more than we imagined we could. Melissa was there with pictures, videos & phone calls to assure us BART was doing fine. It is now 3 weeks since BART has returned home. We needed that time to reinforce our part in the training process. BART’s behavior is now all we hoped for. I would highly recommend her skill & understanding of the overall process when looking to train your “BART”.

Phyllis Russell

We left our dog with Dogs by Melissa for a three week training and obedience program. The results are unparalleled. Our dog did exceptional. She listens and responds to commands directly. The team at Dogs by Melissa go the extra mile. We are more than happy and we are using this listing and review as a platform to brag on the utmost standards they hold in their industry.

Nick Mayl

Remarkable results! Frieda was afraid of her own shadow and because of this training we can go out in public without either one of us having a complete melt down. Frieda is definitely a more confident and calm dog now that she has had this training. I recommend this company to anyone looking for a dog trainer.

Melanie Ann DeRossett

These two ladies changed the whole stress level of my house at a much needed time! Will be forever grateful for their expertise and the impact it had on our lives!

Tami Rucker

If you have a puppy or dog that is unruly, do yourself, your family, friends and your pet a favor and call Melissa. Their motto really says it all. Train them once, love them forever. She offers a few different plans that will accommodate the level of involvement the owner wants to have in the training. Dogs jumping on people, biting and running wild is not cute or funny.

Sal Ialuna

I was given a beautiful purebred 7 month old German shepherd because the people were not able to control it. Melissa & her associate Jacque were positive, professional & so knowledgeable!!! I now haved a beautiful trained GSD. my neighbors walk walk by & cant believe how well he is trained. I would recommend her to everyone!! They are the bomb!!!

Marge Benn

A very knowledgeable, organized and flexible trainer. She knows what she's doing.

Savana Burdick-Perez

Melissa is amazing! We rescued a 4 yr old cocker spaniel who was in great need of manners. Her ability to be direct, consistent and honest about the family commitment required was what made our training a success! We graduate next week with a completely changed dog. We feel so blessed that we found her. I’ve had many hard headed cockers over the years. By far this little guy is our STAR.....thanks to Melissa!

Fran Gill

Sussi tried to be good, but it was impossible. After Melissa trained her, she is SO good! Can't recommend Melissa enough!

Kathie Kennedy Ragains

Melissa & Jacquye are the best dog trainers around! They use positive training techniques which make it pleasant & enjoyable for both the dog & the owner. Bailey, along with my husband & I, enjoyed our weekly training sessions with Melissa & Jacquye and learned a lot from them. We constantly have people comment on how well behaved Bailey is. Thank you so much ladies for helping us with Bailey!

Christine Heroux